The girl with sun in her head (bohemian_ink) wrote in bayareacouples,
The girl with sun in her head


Name: Lilea, age 21
Significant Other's Name: Jon, age 23
Location: Sonoma
Status: Engaged, getting hitched 10-04-08
Interests: Dining out, Movies, Cooking, going to a park, video games (PC/PS2), reading
How we met: The combination of a mutual friend... and World of Warcraft (yes we're geeks)
Children: We currently consider our 1 year old cat Shimi (Short for Sashimi) to be all we can handle. :P
Looking for: Jon and I recently moved to Sonoma from Berkeley. We are looking to meet people in our area especially other couples in their 20s. Join us for BBQs, dinners, movies and other (cheap) activities :)
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