anomalous_girl (anomalous_girl) wrote in bayareacouples,

Wanna play poker?

Hey guys!!

So my husband and I planned a poker party at our house this Friday night. He was thinking he would get more people from work excited about going, but apparently only one person has said they were interested. We are wondering whether we should cancel it or not if there is only three of us, that might be kind of lame. So, here is the deal.

7ish Friday night in Fremont close to the Dumbarton Bridge
Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. (I like to drink but since people will be driving here and all… If you are coming in on Bart or something then I will probably have drinks.)
Our favorite game is Texas Hold ‘Em
$10 buy-in, can re-buy in again if you lose, no-limit, not tournament style.

Anyone wanna come have fun?

Please let me know by tomorrow night. Thanks!!

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