echomyst (echomyst) wrote in bayareacouples,

Hailing from Petaluma

Name: Emily, age 25
Significant Other's Name: Jason, age 33
Location: Petaluma
Status: Married since October 2006

Interests: Dining out, movies, concerts (we love alternative, punk, classical, new age, pop/rock, world, goth, etc.), hiking, camping, going to a park, going to the beach, travel, fishing (have licences for this year, but haven't made use of them), video games (Wii, Xbox 360, PC), reading, animals (we're in a house with dogs, cats, and a rat, but we love all animals!), BBQing, ...

How we met: back in 2002, on the now-defunct humour website Brunching Shuttlecocks. I moved here from Canada last Fall :-)

Children: Not yet; in 2-3 years!

Looking for: What our community founder sonsah said... "Other couples in their 20s - 30s to meet up with and have BBQs, dinners, and activities with!" :D
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