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Couples in the SF Bay Area looking for activities' Journal
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Couples in the SF Bay Area looking for activities' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
8:25 pm
Rental Help!

I recently moved to the east bay (Oakland) with my boyfriend. We currently live with my sister, but are hoping to move to find a place just for the two of us. We are looking mostly in San Francisco, but are also considering really great Oakland places. I have hunted for apartments in other towns, but the strategy was different. I am not sure how we should go about our search.

We both would like to be close to a BART station, because we do not drive. We have a cat and would love some kind of outdoor area (yard, balcony, rooftop access). We kind of want a two bedroom or a large one bedroom (it feels like there are too many studios out there that are far too small for two people and a cat).

When do we start looking? Any recommendations? (buildings, neighborhoods or companies.) I have only been using Craigslist, so if you know of any useful websites that would be helpful too!

Thanks so much!! :D

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
9:45 pm
Wanna play poker?
Hey guys!!

So my husband and I planned a poker party at our house this Friday night. He was thinking he would get more people from work excited about going, but apparently only one person has said they were interested. We are wondering whether we should cancel it or not if there is only three of us, that might be kind of lame. So, here is the deal.

7ish Friday night in Fremont close to the Dumbarton Bridge
Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be served. (I like to drink but since people will be driving here and all… If you are coming in on Bart or something then I will probably have drinks.)
Our favorite game is Texas Hold ‘Em
$10 buy-in, can re-buy in again if you lose, no-limit, not tournament style.

Anyone wanna come have fun?

Please let me know by tomorrow night. Thanks!!

9:11 pm
Name: Lilea, age 21
Significant Other's Name: Jon, age 23
Location: Sonoma
Status: Engaged, getting hitched 10-04-08
Interests: Dining out, Movies, Cooking, going to a park, video games (PC/PS2), reading
How we met: The combination of a mutual friend... and World of Warcraft (yes we're geeks)
Children: We currently consider our 1 year old cat Shimi (Short for Sashimi) to be all we can handle. :P
Looking for: Jon and I recently moved to Sonoma from Berkeley. We are looking to meet people in our area especially other couples in their 20s. Join us for BBQs, dinners, movies and other (cheap) activities :)
Monday, August 13th, 2007
10:13 am
me: raphael

boyfriend/fiance: paul

location: north oakland

kids: not yet but we have a cat named the fat kitten who's a handful

careers: he is a former chef and now an accountant. i am a photographer as well as a jack of all trades .

interests: we are both total geeks- he's into comic books, cooking and accounting- i'm into sci-fi books, home improvement and photography. we are both super into having folks over for dinner and game playing, babies, movies, and fun (and cheap!) events in general.

we're both a little crass and queer as hell. we are not big drinkers so aren't looking to bar hop but occasionally go to clubs. we are looking for queer folks of all persuations to bbq with, go to movies and events, play games with, talk about babies and/or homebuying and probly lots more stuff that i can't think of right now. i like the 420 while he is somewhat straight edge.

we met at a party 6.5 years ago and have been together now for 2 years.
Friday, August 10th, 2007
9:05 pm
Name: Jennifer, age 30
Significant Other's Name: Jeremy
Location: Live in Fremont, I work in Burlingame, and he works in Mountain View.
Status: Married since Feb. 2006
Interests: Movies, in theaters and at home, board games, poker, parks, sports, concerts, etc.
How we met: ONline!
Children: I have a daughter, age 7.
6:07 pm
Intro Post
Name: Gen, age 30
Significant Others' Names: sianmink, age 32; baba_o_reptile, age 30-something
Location: Campbell
Status: me&Sianmink: Together for seven years, marrying 9/2/07, three of us: Toegther 3 years
Interests: Board games, Dining out, Movies(Out), Movies(Home), Concerts, Shopping, Hiking, picnicking at parks and beaches, Travel
How we met: Mutual friend
Children: Not in a million years :)
Looking for: Other couples in their 20s - 30s to meet up with for BBQs, movies, eating out, board gaming

Current Mood: cheerful
3:19 pm
Let's share... but only if you want to :)
Wow! You guys are so awesome for joining. Thank you so much. It took me a lot of courage to put this together and post it out there, I really appreciate your response.

I was thinking to start of getting to know each other better maybe you all might wanna post some pictures of yourselves and/or you and your SO.

Also, if you know any other people on LJ that might be interested in joining in on the fun, I'd appreciate the recommendations :)

Here are a couple pictures of me and my husband:

clicky clickyCollapse )
3:02 pm
Shamelessly copying other posts...
Name: Kim, age 25
Significant Other's Name: Ryan, age 27
Location: San Francisco! (work in Berkeley and Mountain View)
Status: Married since 2004
Interests: Dining out, Movies, Theater, Concerts, Shopping, going to a park, going to the beach, Travel, Wine tasting, Geeky toys, puppies, cooking, board games.
How we met: He hit on my twin sister in college...eventually chose the right sister! =)
Children: Puppies first, then kids
Looking for: Other couples in their 20s - 30s to meet up with and do the above interests!

Current Mood: amused
9:18 am
Hi! Thanks for checking my new community out!

To get us started here is some basic information about me.

Name: Sophia, age 24
Significant Other's Name: Kevin, age 28
Location: Mountain View
Status: Married for about a year
Interests: Dining out, Movies, Theater, Concerts, Shopping, Hiking, going to a park, going to the beach, Travel, Wine tasting
How we met: On jdate.com, my mom made me, his best friend made him go on there!
Children: Not yet
Looking for: Other couples in their 20s - 30s to meet up with and have BBQs, dinners, and activities with!

Your turn!!
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