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Rental Help!


I recently moved to the east bay (Oakland) with my boyfriend. We currently live with my sister, but are hoping to move to find a place just for the two of us. We are looking mostly in San Francisco, but are also considering really great Oakland places. I have hunted for apartments in other towns, but the strategy was different. I am not sure how we should go about our search.

We both would like to be close to a BART station, because we do not drive. We have a cat and would love some kind of outdoor area (yard, balcony, rooftop access). We kind of want a two bedroom or a large one bedroom (it feels like there are too many studios out there that are far too small for two people and a cat).

When do we start looking? Any recommendations? (buildings, neighborhoods or companies.) I have only been using Craigslist, so if you know of any useful websites that would be helpful too!

Thanks so much!! :D
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